Pizza Party

October 29, 2007

no soccer practice cuz a da smokez. So we gets pizza instead!

Ok yeah…so, I got teased to no end for sleeping on Blake…I forgot people(I mean girls) did that. *Sigh* I’ll deal. I’ll also deal with my new jeans!!!! They makes me very happy. They fit, I dun feel fat. And like 3 differenet guys told me they liked ’em. One I dun know, the other two I do….Robert and Daniel. An someone else I know. Dun memeber who it was though. Oh well.

And I gave in and bought like 2 shirts that are actually, like ‘in’ lol. And people LIKED them! It was funny, I had a convo w/ Robert about how generally when people tell me something’s cute, I’ll like never wear it again, and if people dun like it, sometimes I wear it lots. And he wanted to know what he’d have to say to get me to wear that shirt again >_< was funny.

Look, I gots to go to soccer practice*coughpartycough* now. Maybe more later k?

-Jessica lynn 


One Response to “Pizza Party”

  1. Jose said

    Please post more

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