November 18, 2007

is over…and we didn win. Big surprise…But we DID sweep music! Go us! So at least we can rub THAT in RB’s face, lol jk.

And omg, the bus ride up? AWESOME!! Lol, and I did get some sleep too. But I mean for reals, Blake is a damn good pillow. He no fidget. lolz. But he shoulda let me keep his sweatshirt :/ I was soooo cold. I actually got to the point where my teeth were chattering before I got on the bus T_T *sniffles* but is ok. I forgive. But seriously, next chance I get, is mine. lolz. Mah granparents are here. So I can’t really talk too much, but you will detials, promise! But later. Maybe much later. ok?


-Jessica lynn


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