Atomic Kitten(awesome name I know right?)

November 26, 2007

Wyatt, baby, read the lyrics for once. 

Whole Again-Atomic Kitten 

If you see me walking down the street
Staring at the sky and dragging my two feet
You just pass me by
You don’t miss me cry
But you could make me whole again
And if you see me with another man
Laughing and joking, making the best of this I can
I’m trying to put you down
Baby I still want you around
Cause you can make me whole again

Looking back on when we first met
Can’t escape and I cannot forget baby you’re the one
You still turn me on
You can make me whole again

Time is laying heavy on my heart
Seems I’ve got too much of it since we’ve been apart
My friends make me smile if only for a short while
But you can make me whole again

For now I have to wait
But baby if you change your mind
Don’t be too late, cause I just can’t go on
It’s already been too long
But you could make me whole again

Yeah maybe they’re not that special, but maybe they’ll make you feel a little more special. I’ve been kinda quiet lately, haven’t been posting or calling really. Sorry.  Just been busy. You know how it gets.

I’ve become a World of Warcraft (WoW) addict. So the world has basically ended…lol, not really. But a girl that’s addicted to WoW?

And South Park…ok yeah, I’m IMing ppl, so…later k?

-Jessica lynn


2 Responses to “Atomic Kitten(awesome name I know right?)”

  1. Me said

    I’m sorry…. but a girl being addicted to WoW? nah im kidding theres this one person, yeah, nm… hey thanks for making me read the lyrics, are they all like that? cuz that was, a sobering experience, definitely, if ever there was one.

  2. crazyguy1292 said

    good song too: yay for !

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