January 10, 2008

are pain from hell. Kinda like a riderless black horse set lose in your head…pounding.

I need a hug.

And better medication. Becuase yeah the Naproxyn kills the cramps…my migrains. Holy fuck the migrains.

I had a bad one today. I’m quitting track because I’m so scared of the mirgrains. Running gives me migrains…or makes em worse….so im kinda avoiding running these days. How am I gonna stay in shape? I’ll worry bout that later.

Biggest problem is it hurts. Like daggers behind my eyes. On like my head’s in a vice and somebody just keeps tightening it, a little at a time(or a lot). Just this fucking throbbing. And light, holy fuck, light. It hurts, it’s like ice picks in my eyes, stabbing my brain. It’s bad. And smells, and sounds. It just hurts. When I get a migrain I just wanna keel over and die. Preferably in a nice quiet, dark, room. Hold the incense and perfumes. And I get so sleepy. Fall asleep in class, or at lunch or wherever. I just get trashed. And the goddamned meds take too long to kick in…And ever if they help my head, they don’t usually clear my vision. It stays all nice and blurry. Makes all the people look all warm n fuzzy and pretty colored. But it hurts to look too long. Like for more than a half a second or so. Not to mention it puts me in a helluva bad mood. Imagine what I’m like with a migrain on my period. Like a bitch from hell.

Well…this white screen is startin to get to me….n I need to write my essay…you’ll hear from me later…about if I get Wyatt to go to Winter Formal…or if I get to see him or whatever.

-Jessica lynn


5 Responses to “Migrains”

  1. me said

    I’m sorry that your migrains are killing you babe, and you really dont need to worry about staying in shape, you’re gonna be fine for a while… i wish i could give you that hug…

  2. larke said

    you okay? You looked alive last time I saw you… Which was like 4 hours ago. Or maybe 14. Who’s counting? Anyways, feel better.

  3. crazyguy1292 said

    who is larke? and, be proud of me, i just spent the last 5 hours or so readin your blog, yes, the entire thing, back to front, including the comments… not the lyrics tho(im sorry, i have issues reading lyrics unless i can hear the song in the background while im reading them) so yeah… i left comments on like 30 posts i think, prolly not, iunno, is 4:30 AM n im really tired, but uh yeah, you never told the random internet ppls that we got back together baby, anddd…… you really need to put another post on there, ppl r going to think u died or something, i love you babe

  4. Larke is Alex i’m pretty sure…

    -Guess who

  5. Dan said

    i have those sumtimes. they SUCK. yeah. i hate em

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