I’m ALIVE!!!!

March 2, 2008

I swear, I’m serious.

Miss me guys? I been busy, n I been lazy. BUT I’M HERE!!  AND I’M WRITING!!! So be happy…I command you *glare* lol.

I think I missed keeping up my little bloggy blog here..but I didn’t know until like 30 seconds ago when I started typin…so yeah.


I joined Lacrosse (LaX for short) I’m second chair flute. Wyatt’s my boyfriend again. Apparently I left that out…it happened in December. Over break. So…yeah. YAY!!!

LaX is fun but makes meh sore. We blew ~$200 on gear for my yesterday. And I made myself uber sore playin’ against a wall last night…

CHEWBAKA SENT ME A LETTER!!!!!!! So now I GOTTA send my letters. Let my friends know im alive still ya know.

So I’m good, I’m happy. Seen Wyatt 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Who wouldn’t be happy? I’ve got the best boyfriend I could possibly want. Sure, we fight sometimes, and sometimes we say the wrong things, or wonder out loud about the wrong stuff, but we’re good.

So yeah, I play WoW, I play Dragon Warrior Monster, but I’m in good shape and I got a cute boyfriend. The world is good.

Jessica Lynn


One Response to “I’m ALIVE!!!!”

  1. bluedusksky said

    No you is cute, life is good…

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