I’ve just been busy lately ^.^ I’m sure you know how I get. Maybe I’ll get so wrapped up in this that I’ll forget about my lacrosse game….ouch, that would really suck. Let’s hope I don’t do that. Altough, it can be pretty funny when I do something THAT stupid you know.

Anyways, I’m sitting in the library at MCHS and it’s almost 2:20 and I need to meet my mommy up front at 3:00 to get my uniform and such for my game, and then the carpool leaves around 3:30, so it’s not like I don’t have a little bit of time.

WOW, WoW has helped me type WAY faster than I used to, and with way less mistakes. Well, minus my major spelling issues and that my fingers keep slipping on these keys cuz they different from my home ones. I like these more though, maybe. They make a really awesome clicky noise, I love it. But the key board is in the wrong place for me, the monitor too. I feel so….awkward. It doesn’t help me any that WP apparently remodled the whole freaking site while I was gone! lol. Me and my issues right? I gotta read Wyatt’s WP as SOON as I finish this post ok? Somebody be sure to remind me. That and I need to check PostSecret when I get home. Prolly get kicked outta the library if I checked it here. lol. Don’t you agree?

Sigh. I’m such a bad girl. I have letters from  AUGUST I haven’t sent yet….:/ my bad. I’m gonna spend 31 days at camp this summer ^.^ or was it just 30….? lol, who cares? Who keeps track? It’s all good you know.

AMG no way!!!! They got rid of the thingy at the bottom that used to tell me how many words I typed…I miss it T.T is good for knowing when to stop so you don’t kill the only people who actually bother to read this on the rare occasion that I actually post something. Even rarer, when I post something of interest, lol.

Wow, alex is here o0 random much? She just popped up n said hi n i was all whoa!!! lol. Is teh way we is you know 😉

ANYWHO…..where was I? Probably saying something of little or no importance yeah? As always….I wonder how Icia is doing in New York….I still miss her sometimes.

I had the weirdest urge today after school. I really  just wanted to go find someone and like go have like an awesome makeout session…and then I was like….but Wyatt’s not here….so I came here to the library before I got any other ideas. I should see Wyatt this weekend and satisfy that urge 😉 lol

I misses him, and I wanna see him sooo bad. Like you have NO idea! He’s my lover….not like that! lol

I enjoy the messing with the people that aren’t there ^.^ is probably not such a good thing.

I don’t even want to know how many typos I missed going through this, it’s gonna be like end of the world bad only not becuase it’s just spelling. I’m not looking like at all at the screen,…this is so….different. lol. So many lols. Whatever.

So last weekend, I went up to Big Bear to go rock climbing with teh awesome rock climbing club. Was awesome! I got really damn sick the first day though. So that sucked, but I felt better later, got jumped on by Tim, dragged to the jacozzi(spelling?) by all, and then got to eat an AWESOME  chili dinner courtesy of Larry aka Morpheis. Woke up to pancakes made by Tim with chocolate chips and whipped cream and bacon and eggs and potatoes. ^.^ Yummy in my tummy. Then went climbing. Was great mostly.

Hopefully gonna see Wyatt this weekend I haven’t seen him in a while. Well, I always say that. Haven’t seen him in like a week. He came over to MC last thursday cuz they got out early and I was just SOO happy. Was cool. Is 2:36…ok, I are keeping track for once. Yay!

So…..I might be outta stuffs to talk about finally.

Hey ya’ll!!! It’s alex here! I happened to find Jessie in the library on (no surprizes here) wordpress. Just felt like saying hi. So hi. AP exams are in 2 weeks. Ugg. I have been studying like a mofo… If mofos actually study. Well, anyways, I’ve been studying really hard. My brain feels like it’s melting out of my ears. OH, this guy asked this girl to prom today in AP Bio. It was adorable. He made this animation for her and the bio teacher played it after a very stimulating lecture on embryology (yawns). He had flowers and everything. Like I said, adorable. I think I’m going to ramble a little more to help Jessie’s goal to make the scroll bar as small as possible. (Jessie says it isn’t getting any smaller. She also says I type slow. Grr, we’ll see about that) HEY HEY, guess what?! My band class is going to Disneyland in June. We’re recording in the real live actual Disney studio. I mean, the real one. Live recordings. Shoot me with a fucking spork. Okay I think I’m done rambling. Jessie has a lacrosse game that she already told the people on wordpress she can’t be late for. Okay, I am actually leaving. After I say hi again. Hi.,, Okay, bye now. Love, Alex =)

AMG!!! Ok, so yeah, my train of thought is totally dead. Beyond reserection and I have no idea how the hell you spell that so yeah whatever. (spellcheck-Alex)<-lol ANYWAYS leaving remember?

I will update this at a much later date and will have to put both Wyatt’s WP and PS on hold for now :/ sucks huh?

Later guys.

-Jessica lynn

(and Alex Terzian)