Yeah, long time no see

October 19, 2008

Umm…how long has it been exactly?

Anyways, hi. I’m feeling less mad at the world now. Guys don’t fail that bad. lol I just spent like the last hour reading Wyatt’s wordpress from start to finish. Dunno why exactly. But I felt like it. *shrugs* The first say half maybe made me feel pretty good actually. And, if any of you even know what my old wp looked like, you’ll notice that I redid it. We’ll see how long this one sticks lol.

But yeah, life is pretty…well…life-like I guess. I’ve been single for like 6 months now. And…emotionally, I’m pretty ok with that. Again, emotionally, I don’t even really want another boyfriend. But physically….I’m like dying. lol. And I did manage to find a guy that I actually like. Like as a person, not like Michael, in the sense that his personality sucks, but I would so do him any day of the week >.< yeah. Pretty sick I know. I met a guy who’s passably cute, and has a great personality. What I need to do is quit comparing people to Wyatt. Once I can stop doing that, things will be easier. Because nobody is gonna be just like him. And I should know that by now.


So, hopefully, sometime in the near future I’ll have a new cuddle-buddy. If I do, that’ll help me with so many things…I hope. Like, potentially I’ll be thinking more about said cuddle-buddy than Wyatt. Which would be nice you know. And, I’ll have cuddles, and I mean come on. A girl needs cuddles. Especially me. hehe. And what else….oh, the cuddles will make me happier. And last I checked being happy was a good thing. So. Yeah.

Soccer owns, bitchy soccer players fail though. Oh, they also hurt. So….yeah.

I guess maybe I’ll post again later. I’d forgotten how soothing typing is/was w/e. I missed it >.< that shouldn’t be possible.



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