Just Saying Hai

September 27, 2009

My homework is printing and I figured it wouldn’t kill me to pop something up here real quick.

I can’t remember what I posted last and I haven’t very much time here. So, I don’t think I mentioned that all Daniel wanted from me was sex, so I broke up with the greedy insensitive jerk ummm, 5 months ago? I dunno exactly, last few days of school though. And good riddence if he wants to treat me like that.

On another, happier, yet more awkward note….Me and Mitch…Yeah….he lives in Canada and he’s 25. So what? Yeah, you can just deal….while the two of us sort out why we like each other and what exactly we’re gonna do about it. And I’ll tell you if I feel like it so there/if you just ask me prolly.