I don’t have anyone to talk to about this. So I guess I’ll talk to myself about it. As far as I know no one reads this anymore…I mean, I suppose maybe Wyatt checks about as often as I write(but fair warning, I’m not sure you really wanna read this), I think I’m averaging once a year these days? It’s pretty laughable. My blogs pretty much dead. And I’m not even gonna bother doing a decent update on my life. I’m hoping that writing this down somewhere I can read over it will help me out somehow. Or maybe somebody who reads this will take pity on me and give me an opinion 🙂 Who knows.

So for as long as I can possibly remember Mitch (my husband) has harassed me about someday having a 3-some. Naturally with myself, another girl, and him. I’ve always treated more or less as a joke. Telling him if we ever found a girl we both liked I’d consider it (we NEVER agree on women) Almost a year ago now he mentioned that maybe I’d prefer another guy as our 3rd. At first, like always, I just laughed at him. He of course suggested a very good friend of his who just horrifies me to think of. But over time I actually started to think about it. I mean, in a 3-some with 2 girls, what does the other girl DO? Not much from what I can imagine. Probably ruin the fantasy to do it for real imo. And then I got to thinking about 2 guys and myself.

Honestly I shocked myself. I came up with LOTS of things 3 people could do. Ok, so not everything I thought of was something I myself am strictly open to at this point in time. But that didn’t really make it any less appealing. And there were a few things I would be ok with….

So then we skip forward to what the current issue. One of our other friends Mitch jokingly suggested to me DOES interest me. (this was when he was prodding me about the idea of 2 guys appealing to me) So…do I tell Mitch? Seriously? Or does he not ever want to know I’d be interested in another guy, even in a 3-some setting? If Mitch WAS interested, how do we tell our friend? I mean, we hang out with him at least twice a week, but we also work with the guy. Awkward much? What if our friends not interested? Although Mitch swears up and down the guys head over heels for me. Also, if this happened, would I be obligated to search harder for a female for our expoilts >.>


OK completely different issue, Same general train of thought.


Mitch and I sort of included this thing when we got married. We each get one freebie we can sleep with if we ever get the chance. He’s got this chick out in I think London? If she can ever afford a plane ticket she’ll come here to see him and he can have her. Now I’m cool with that, I’ve talked to her, might even join in. Whatever, that’s not the point. The point is who I can be with…..


I’m about 99% sure I know who I’d be with. Do I tell him?